Melbourne Retail Festival differs from traditional fashion trade exhibitions, the event offers a unique buying/selling experience. Prior to the event, our teams focus on connecting buyers and exhibitors, ensuring each exhibitor is meeting with the right buyers during the event.

Why Exhibit?

  • Make sales
  • Source new accounts
  • Increase company profile
  • Promote new products/services
  • Network with industry peers & buyers

Did You Know?

  • 83% of visitors have the authority to purchase or influence purchasing
  • 72% of visitors intend to buy at the event or shortly after
  • 54%of visitors come specifically to see new products or services
  • Trade events account for 9% of marketing budgets but return 23% of business

(EEAA market research and information)

Exhibitions deliver results!

Nothing drives sales and brand building like the power of face to face contact with brand, product and experience.

When exhibitors meet buyers in this way, the results are immediate, measurable and cost-effective. This is the distinguishing power of trade events and exhibitions and the reason for their resilience as a marketing channel.

Melbourne Retail Festival attracts new and existing buyers across Australia and from overseas with the implementation of a comprehensive marketing campaign. A series of marketing tools are also provided to all exhibitors to ensure successful pre-exhibition promotion.

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