CONNECT with Lühmann



Zoe Lühmann

Welcome to CONNECT SERIES: 2021, where we talk to our brilliant and budding MRF founders! Here we explore the ups and downs and the wins and fails of pursuing your dream of starting a label... And most importantly the wisdom, tips and tricks you learn along the way!

This week we speak to Zoe Lühmann about her founders journey at Lühmann!

What lies in the heart of your brand and designs?

At Lühmann we have a core focus on producing high-quality pieces that can last the test of time. Not only physically, but pieces that are not limited to any trend that would eventually die out.

What is the best part of your role?

Definitely the design process! Seeing your pieces come to life from a drawing is something special.

What challenges have you faced getting to where you are now? Is there one that stands out the most?

There have been so many lessons so far. One of the most challenging things I have faced was seeing copies of my designs using my images to sell them. It hurts, but it’s, unfortunately, an unavoidable reality of the industry. It’s a matter of picking yourself up and realising that there’s nothing you can do about it in most cases and find solace in the fact that you must be doing something right!

CONNECT with Zoe and Lühmann at MRF 2021!