Jenny Hsieh

Welcome to CONNECT SERIES: 2021, where we talk to our brilliant and budding MRF founders! Here we explore the ups and downs and the wins and fails of pursuing your dream of starting a label... And most importantly the wisdom, tips and tricks you learn along the way!

This week we speak to Jenny Hsieh about her founders journey at X NIHILO!

What skills have helped you turn your dream of owning a brand into a reality?

Problem solving skills 100% and from a personal development perspective - building your tolerance for stress is definitely required.

What lies in the heart of your brand and designs?

The heart of everything we do is for the women that wear our bags, and it is our job to create a design that works for them. But most importantly, we want them to wear their name, not ours.

What is the best part of your role?

Creating a passionate team and being able to look after our team members to thrive.

What skills have served you well in your brand journey?

Planning, planning and planning!

What is one key piece of advice you have learned on your journey?

By the time you are ready, its too late.

What do you want people to know about your brand/your role?

We are a small team but a passionate bunch.

Do you have advice for other designers dreaming of having a label?

Work for others before you start your own label and work as if you own the business.

What challenges have you faced getting to where you are now? Is there one that stands out the most?

Segmenting audiences who are willing to hear about your brand values and people who simply just love the designs and how to communicate with them in a way that they will respond to.

What's a non-negotiable in your schedule?

Coffee first thing in the morning and never leave anything on my daily TDL (to-do-list) for the next day.

What product are you most excited to launch at MRF?

We are excited to launch our new designs in colours we wouldn't normally do in the past. There will be some bright colours and metallics - watch this space!

CONNECT with Jenny and X NIHILO at MRF 2021!