"RISE" Our first collection was born from a desire to showcase the power of clothing, an idea that came to me on one of my cherished family nights with two of my daughters. I'm Angela Symonds, the Founder of Warrior Queen Co, I have a background in Psychology, Trauma Counselling, Beauty Therapy, Fitness and Nutrition. I have always had a passion for helping people and a need to be creative.

Our Hero piece; Our Robe Warrior Queen is stunning and a masterpiece, with many intricate processes involved. When you put on our robe, it's like putting on a piece of armour, "RISE" is about Strength, Courage and Empowerment.

We have created a small collection of handmade, ethical, clothing and accessories. At Warrior Queen Co we work closely with our team of artisans, masters of their trades, utilising fair trade and environmentally focused processes to develop our ranges.

At Warrior Queen Co we seek to slow the fashion cycle by creating long lasting pieces, using high quality materials.

All of our ingredients for our Mind & Body ranges are sourced here in Australia, made in small batches from the highest quality ingredients, expertly blended and bottled at our Warrior Queen Co headquarters in Sydney and Albury. Warrior Queen Co products are cruelty- free and never tested on animals.