Melbourne Retail Festival


WE ARE CASALL For over 30 years we have created high end training wear and equipment. Always based on passion for quality and design. Always for people who are serious about their training – and look. Because we believe training and fashion belong together.

WE MAKE FUNCTION BECOME ATTRACTIVE We will never choose between function or style – we will combine them. We offer innovative wear and tools with superior functionality in every detail. With designs that embrace strength, body and personal style. We make function become attractive.

WE MAKE YOU FEEL STRONGER We know that feeling beautiful is a powerful thing. It will make you feel stronger and perform better. Our mission is to make it happen – through your own physique and style. Casall’s training wear is designed to enhance your body and individual look. And ultimately make you achieve more in training.

WE MAKE SURE YOU’RE PERFECTLY EQUIPPED We take your training as seriously as you do. All of our products are developed to make sure you are perfectly equipped for each and every training occasion. Whatever you have decided to achieve, we provide the wear and tools you need to get there.

WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY We care about creating superior wear and tools, but also about how we create it. Sustainability and honesty are natural parts of who we are and high valued in everything we do.