A collection of feedback from exhibitors and attendees of our previous events

It’s a wrap Sydney Retail Festival! And what an excellent wrap! This is my 4th trade fair with the Sydney Retail Festival and Melbourne Retail Festival and I can’t be grateful enough with Jordan and his excellent team.
I made some good connections and have already had follow up from several brands present at the event.
Sydney Retail Festival was a valuable and enjoyable event to attend. Brand collections, networking and the educational panel discussions were all part of what made the event so successful.
They are fantastic people to work with and I can see this event growing to be a must-do for local & emerging designers.
A fantastic event, full of passionate entrepreneurs, with a sincere focus on supporting sustainable brands and genuine sharing of wisdom amongst participants.
We love the fact that we have the Iconic coming, we've got David Jones, we've got MYER. We've got some of the smaller boutiques, because I don't want to take away from those guys. It's really important that the smaller boutiques have a presence here.
As a buyer I think it's great because you can walk around and see people products. You can touch and feel them, have a conversations with a designer themselves. And ask more so about their product, where it’s from, where it’s made.
To be honest I believe there are not many trade fairs in Australia that do fashion - look at this infrastructure, it’s amazing. For me I’ve been able to meet a big buyer, a department store, and was lucky enough to be able to actually fly to meet them. For me it was my highest achievement, I’m really happy about that.
The great thing is, obviously we have our own showroom, but coming to an event like this, exposes you to a lot more buyers, potential buyers for these brands. Especially International. So we’ve had some fantastic US and UK buyers coming talking to us about specific brands that they wanting to showcase overseas. So obviously for a local Australian designer, thats’ huge.
It’s fantastic, I haven’t seen anything like this in Melbourne. Normally we have to go overseas to see such an exhibition. So it’s wonderful to see all these dynamic, new and exciting brands all under one roof.
It’s been incredible to see these local retailers showcasing here, in the heart of Melbourne. It’s an amazing way to get your products seen and heard by the locals here. It’s just a little of insight that you won’t get online. You know, it’s a personal approach.
I really enjoy coming, there’s always a lot of small brands that we normally don’t get to see. So it’s really good to come and have a look to find some more potential bands to stock with us.
It’s so good. I guess from every aspect, from like a buyer, designers. It’s just so beneficial. Those discussion are really good as well. There’s just so much insight on the industry, and for everyone to just get a better understanding, if you’re starting up or you’re already exciting and things like that.
As a buyers, I think the most important aspect for being here today is to stress how important is to understand your customer. I’ve had a few people come up to me and pass me their look books and ranges, so I’m excited to see what’s out there, to support local.
I’m here to support any independent trade show that support Australian designers, really.
It’s great. I mean, such a good location to start with, and lots of different brands, from all different departments. So it’s really good be able to see the products in person, you could see the quality of it, which was really nice.
I think it's been great to have seen the runways. To see what are the new up and coming brands. I think it's a great value for brands to be here, to learn about the exports from the sessions we've had around influencers, around public relations, around how to market your brand globally as well as nationally and where to focus your efforts.
Seeing the Melbourne Retail Festival has a great reputations and evidently who's been there, I thought it would be great to join in. I think the exposure and even just the networking that you can get involved in, with the brands that are already established and the ones that are up and coming, is really beneficial.
Events like this spring people together so that they can talk about what might be the remedy for a weak industry and economy we have right now. It just gets people thinking about new ideas, out of the box scenarios that might bring strength and abundance back.
It’s my first time attending this event, it’s much bigger than I expected. It’s amazing! There's so many labels I have not seen before. And it’s great to get exposed to all of these new designers, so I’m excited to have a bit of a shop afterwards.
It's been fantastic. So actually we have a few of the brands that are on our platform, exhibiting here. So it's been really nice to connect with them face to face. But otherwise it's been amazing to see all the brands and all the hard work they've put into their stalls. 
I think it’s really amazing to be able to see all these designer and wholesalers under the same roof. I think it's great for exhibitors to be able to see lots of different people in the industry. And really showcase their products to the industry, all across just two days.
I’m really impressed with the volume of brands, but also there’s so many brands that I haven’t come across before. I think it’s really exciting to see that the sustainability is so clear on the agenda of the retail festival this year, because it’s such a critical topic in our space.
For new brands, the self education of being involved is invaluable.
A great vision that works well for existing and emerging brands. It’s always great to mix brands, established brands hold weight but new and sustainable brands hold a lot of new ideas also.
Today is all about the buyers obviously, so there're quite a lot of people coming through the doors, so it's really exciting and obviously some big namnes. It's a really great platform. Obviously it's really hard cold calling these days, so it's important to have a luxury platform to really showcase your brand.
Looking forward to creating more brand awareness, expanding into more boutiques and getting more exposure. That’s why I’m at Melbourne Retail Festival.
The staff where wonderful, always available to lend a hand. The promotion prior to the event was done very well. I think we could attribute a handful of new social media followers to this.
Simply put. Your event was fantastic! Balloons, branding, staff, volunteers, it was so nice!
I really appreciate all the promoting and your staff are lovely
We have been extremely pleased with the sales made at the events and the new accounts generated. We have made invaluable contacts and connections. At Sydney Retail Festival 2018 we connected with retailers including who has become our largest wholesale account to date. We will absolutely continue to exhibit.
It’s also the exposure. If people don’t know who we are, they walk past and like “Oh Lahana, let’s touch, feel”. They get to meet us and bring a face to the brand. We’ve meet with Peppermayo, The Iconic came through and Princess Polly.
It’s been really good, yeah. I’ve had lots of people come through, and talk to me about about being represented through wholesale agents and just speaking to buyers. I spoke with a few girls from some boutiques throughout Sydney and Melbourne, so yeah it’s been really good.
I have met some really great buyers. I have met a PR Fashion Agency, I have met buyers from MYER and smaller boutique buyers, so it’s been really good so far.
The experience gained from this event in no small part lead to me engaging my first European agent and showcasing at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week A/W 2018. Finding buyers and creating meaningful relationships can be hard to juggle along with running a fashion business. Melbourne Retail Festival really helped bridge the gap between consumers and my label.
Actually being able to see ranges really changes - it comes alive. I like to touch and feel, it gives me an indication of quality and fabrications that can't be picked up on film. And meeting the designers in person means I can have a real gut instinct.