Exhibitor interviews at Sydney Retail Festival 2018

Host 1: We're here at the Sydney Retail Festival, a trade only event covering all aspects of the fashion industry, including footwear to jewellery to swimwear. So let's go check it out.

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Host 1 : We're here with Danica from Revoque. So Danica, can you tell me what are you most looking forward to at the Sydney Retail Festival?

Danica : Well today is all about the buyers obviously, so there're quite a lot of people coming through the doors, so it's really exciting and obviously some big namnes.

Marcia from Barbwire Noose : So this is actually my first retail event. And seeing the Melbourne Retail Festival has a great reputations and evidently who's been there, I thought it would be great to join in.

I think the exposure and even just the networking that you can get involved in, with the brands that are already established and the ones that are up and coming, is really beneficial.

Host 1: I think it sounds like you've had a great experience?

Ateeb from Wonderfits : Absolutely. Absolutely, no doubt, I think it's been great to have seen the runways as well. To see what are the new up and coming brands. I think it's a great value for brands to be here, to learn about the exports from the sessions we've had around influencers, around public relations, around how to market your brand globally as well as nationally and where to focus your efforts.

Cameron from UGG Australia  : We were in Melbourne. We had a big success. We had a few major customers. The buyers we're looking for would be in big, big chains, such as MYER, David Jones, Trade Secret. We'd love to see tourist accounts this time this season, going into the summer months.

Host 2 : The buyers that are here today, who would be your ideal buyer?

Bobby Leather: The Iconic have just launched more of a designer upmarket range, and given that our products are definitely more of the affordable luxury market, I'm really hoping to have a chat with them.

Host 1 : Is this your first trade event as well?

Joo from De Minimis: Yes, it is my first time.

Host 1 : Very exciting.

Joo : It is very exciting.

Host 1: And obviously moving forward would you do be looking to do something like this again?

Joo : Yes, definitely, yes. We were actually looking into the Melbourne show in February.

Host 1: What buyers in Australia are you looking to target?

Samantha from Doubs Clothing : I'm looking at the Iconic, because it's the biggest online platform. I would love David Jones because they've got more formal wear, I'd love Culture Kings and the more streetwear, things like that. So I'd like a bit of diversity across all markets.

Unknown speaker : We have seen Jamie, I believe he's one of the main sponsors. I know he's got about 10 years experience, it would be good to hear him talk about the industry. So it would be a great way to learn as well.

Danica from Revoque : It's a really great platform. And this is crucial to getting those buyers through the door. Obviously it's really hard cold calling these days, so it's important to have a luxury platform to really showcase your brand, really.

Karina from Coral & Co:  So as you can see a lot the prints are quite bold and quite eclectic, so we need buyers that are happy to embrace those concepts. We love the fact that we have the Iconic coming, we've got David Jones, we've got MYER. We've got some of the smaller boutiques, because I don't want to take away from those guys. It's really important that the smaller boutiques have a presence here. The buyers are just gonna be so excited!