Interview with Gaby Howard, CEO, Flaunter

Host: We're here with Gaby, the Founder of Flaunter. What do you think of the event?

Gaby: It's been fantastic. So actually we have a few of the brands that are on our platform, exhibiting here. So it's been really nice to connect with them face to face. Obviously we're a digital platform so it's nice to meet people in person. But otherwise it's been amazing to see all the brands and all the hard work they've put into their stalls. And the connections, really, and the relationships.

Host: And you know, you just sat on the panel for Fashion, Influence & Marketing. What can the audience get out of listening to these sorts of discussion panels?

Gaby: I think there’s always a huge amount to learn from others, and I think that’s why industry events like this are so powerful. I think you meet new people , you get new point of views, and listening to people who are experts in their fields or who has been there, done that - I think that’s always a great way to shortcut your learnings.