Interview with Jade Cosgrove, The Label Ministry

Host: We're here with Jade Cosgrove from The Label Ministry. Why are events like this important to the retail industry?

Jade : I think the retail industry in Australia has been suffering for a very long time. Not just in fashion but across the board. And events like this spring people together so that they can talk about what might be the remedy for a weak industry and economy like we have right now. It just gets people thinking about new ideas, that might bring strength and abundance back.

Host: What do you think they can benefit from showcasing their label and their product here at the event?

Jade: Well, I just think it gives them the opportunity for a lower price point to show people what they actually can do. We discussed today that runways can be expensive. And often these people who are starting out, don't have the funds to create collections, and also put their things in front of physical eyes on a runway. I think that if you give them the opportunity to showcase their collections in a space like this, which doesn't cost them a lot, then they can actually divvy up money, and save to be put in a theatrical space like on a runway. And that gives  them that opportunity which will be wonderful for the future.