Interview with Sarah Czarnuch

Host 1: Hey everyone, I’m here with Sarah Czarnuch at the Melbourne Retail Festival. Is this your first time here?

Sarah: This is my first time here at the Melbourne Retail Festival and I can tell you, it will definitely not be the last time.

Host 1: Fantastic! What do you think about the event so far?

Sarah: It’s been incredible to see these local retailers showcasing here, in the heart of Melbourne. It’s an amazing way to get your products seen and heard by the locals here.

It’s just a little of insight that you won’t get online. You know, it’s a personal approach. We had a panel discussion here this morning and it was amazing. Even sitting on the panel, I’ve come out of it learning a lot more about the industry and about how to target my own social media profile.

Host 1 : Now, have you seen some promising new labels here?

Sarah: Oh absolutely, there’s a few swimwear labels that I was actually familiar with online, but it was good to see them in the flesh here. And so, get a bit of insights to the fabric set up and how they look in person.