Jaana Quaintance-James, Head of Sustainability & Sourcing, The Iconic

Host : I’m with Jaana, Head of Sustainability at The Iconic. And this morning you're going to be talking about sustainability and sourcing, what can the audience get out of this discussion panel?

Jaana : I think it’s really exciting to see that the sustainability is so clear on the agenda of the retail festival this year. From our panel we've been talking about the commercial drivers of engagement, and how to communicate better with customers around sustainability credentials.

Host: What do you think brands can get out the events here as well?

Jaana: I think it is a really important learning development opportunity as well. Particular the sustainability is a good example, as a topic, it is so kind of frightening. So it's really important that we can have these types of sessions to debunk those concepts, and try to make it more accessible for people.