Interview with Sue Alali, Buyer, General Pants Co

Host: Hi everyone, I’m here with Sue at the Melbourne Retail Festival, and Sue is joining us from General Pants as a Buyers. Now Sue, is this your first time to the event?

Sue: It is and I loved it - I’m loving it.

Host: What do you think so far?

Sue: It’s so good. I guess just from every aspect, from like a buyer, designers. It’s just so beneficial. Those discussion are really good as well. There’s just so much insight on the industry, and for everyone to just get a better understanding, if you’re starting up or you’re already exciting and things like that.

Host: Definitely. And we’ve got such a range of exhibitors here, covering all aspects of the fashion industry. What do you think of the exhibitors?

Sue: It’s good I guess as a buyer, because you do get approach by new brands and things like that, but actually seeing it and feeling the product is really good as well. And yeah it’s all in one place as well, which is really good. I know I’m coming here, I know what I’m sort of looking for. Sitting at your desk you’re literally getting bombarded with emails and range books, there’s a lot of time they do get missed. Where here it’s all in front of you.

Host: Definitely. Do you think it’s quite beneficial for a lot of these new labels to be at an event like this.

Sue: Ah yes, absolutely. Because you know it’s the exposure. And I guess for me it’s like touching the product and feeling and everything. And have it all in one spot is amazing.

Host: Fantastic. Well, will you be attending the Sydney Retail Festival?

Sue: Yes for sure, our office is located in Sydney so we’ll have a bigger team from Sydney coming down there.

Host: Fantastic, we’ll it’s been such an honour to have you here, thank you for joining us.